“Step out of you comfort zone.”, says the founder of Gettpal.

We are getting ready for a new campaign, but before we actually start, we would like to introduce this Slovakian project to you a little more. What is Gettpal and why did the founder, Robert Uhrin, created it? Please read this interview to find out more.

How did the idea of creating Gettpal come to your mind?

I moved to Bratislava and I didn’t know a soul in this city. I had nobody to spend time with, I missed my friends. The idea thus came from the feeling of loneliness.

Who are today’s Gettpal users?

Our users are people that feel lonely, are single, moved to a new city or have friends that are busy building a family. The common situation of Gettpalers is the lack of friends. It’s not just introverts, but also extroverts that need little social boost.

So does Gettpal help people as well? 

Yes for sure, Gettpal literally changes peoples lives. People here find new friends and start to enjoy life again. They start to do activities that they have never dared to try. Gettpal inspires them, with the result of a real emotion, which replaces the previous social isolation.

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You already have a list of successes under your belt. How did you achieve all this?

We succeeded because we do it for people. Our community is important to us, we listen to it very carefully. And people react to that. Behind the success of Gettpal are thus supportive people full of love and strong community.

What does Gettpal mean to you?

Gettpal is mission of my life. It is some kind of an island for me, a different world where people with a similar mindset connect. The place where your race, age, gender or social status doesn’t matter. The place where human contact still means something and it’s not just Like button or a message that pops out. At Gettpal conversation, smile, shake of a hand or a hug are the most valuable.

Do you have any message for those people that want to try Gettpal, but don’t have enough courage?

Step out of your comfort zone and come join us at one of our events. You have nothing to lose! Come and meet new friend and gain new experiences. Be careful though! Gettpal is positively addictive and you might become a social superstar, not having time for laundry or sleeping :) We are looking forward to meeting you!

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