“We have only borrowed the world from our children. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to contribute to a sustainable and green energy supply. neovoltaic is committed to this responsibility”


We fight overpriced and intransparent electricity prices! As first mover in the German-speaking region, neovoltaic has developed an innovative all-in one solution by enabling customer to have full control of their energy supply in their own home. Neovoltaic allows you to produce and store your own sustainable energy by staying environmentally and economically friendly.

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Our concept is based on an all-in one solution for the private power supply. Our customer becomes a prosumer and generates the energy he or she needs and spends for him or herself. neovoltaic offers 4 different product packages together with expert advice on this topic:


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We have to stop burning coal and oil!


Together with state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems, high-performance energy storage and an easy to use online platform you take control over your own energy supply. By using our all-in one solution you are totally independent from big energy companies.

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neovoltaic proves that there is no contradiction between economic efficiency and sustainability. We position ourselves as an innovative energy supplier in a dynamically growing market of green energy. The energy storage system neostore and our app neocontrol are complex in-house developments of neovoltaic that set new standards on the market and in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

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neovoltaic is the only system provider with an integrated energy solution that is able to cover 100 % of the energy demand by using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and water.


Mag. Werner Posch
cooperate development, finance, procurement, HR
Mag. Aleksandra Izdebska
Sales Consultant
sales, marketing & strategy
Josef Schalk
Technical Support
product development, technical support
Dipl.Bw. Oliver Schmidt
product development, development and formation of new market segments & operational sales
Mag. Alfred Ötsch
Chairmen of the Board & Shareholder
Gerold Pankl
Vice chairmen of the Board & Shareholder
Dr. Johann Hansmann
Board member, largest neovoltaic Shareholder
Mag. Friedrich Reichetseder
Board member & Shareholder
DI Eduard Wünscher
Board member & Shareholder

Investicijske novice

Projekt zaključen, uspešno financiran
1.361% Financirano
680.500 Investirano
346 Investitorjev
Hartberg, Österreich
minimum amount subscribed: EUR 100.00
maximum amount subscribed: EUR 5000.00
contract period:
5 years
base interest rate: 4.5% (5,5% for investments until 10.6 or starting at EUR 5.000)
appreciation interest rate: on maturity date
Spodbude za vašo investicijo
1.000 Investicija
eMobility with Freygeist

The energy revolution continues! With your investment you receive a 100 EUR Freygeist e-bike voucher.

1.500 Investicija
neovoltaic Energie Manager

With neovoltaic you become an energy mananger! Take part in a half-day workshop where founders provide useful hints how to save energy and money in your own home.

2.500 Investicija

Be part of this revolution. With your investment you receive a 5% discount for one of our sustainable energy solutions.

4.000 Investicija

Be part of this revolution. With your investment you receive a 10% discount for one of our sustainable energy solutions.

5.000 Investicija

Become a neovoltaic Power Investor! From an investmen of 5.000 EUR or more you will receive an interest rate of 5,5% p.a.

Informacije o podjetju
12 Zaposleni
2012 Ustanovitev

Tip sodelovanja: Podrejeno posojilo
Predpisana minimalna vrednost: 100€
Vrednost podjetja pred investicijo: 4.800.000€
Predpisana najvišja vrednost: 5.000€
Naziv podjetja: neovoltaic AG (Registrska številka podjetja: FN 349256m)

Kontaktne informacije

neovoltaic AG
Am Oekopark 10a
A-8230 Hartberg

+43 333 263 126-0


Werner Posch

neovoltaic: launch of campaign!

2. junija 2016 avtor Laura Storto in neovoltaic
Neovoltaic campaign started today! We finally have to stop burning coal and oil! What do Austrias best known Business Angel Dr. Johann Hansmann, the former AUA and Siemens member of the board Alfred Ötsch, the succesfull entrepreneur Gerold Pankl and the former Novomatic Head of Marketing and Ditech founder Aleksandra Izdebska have in common? Well, […] Preberi več